Thursday, January 27, 2011

Six Weeks In

Yesterday was my 6 week check-up and over the past few days I convinced myself that I'd be leaving the doctor's office walking on my own. Once I got there, the tech cut off my purple cast and asked what color I wanted next. Steve and I both gasped simultaneously, "Ugg!!" We didn't think I'd have to get a new cast. I begrudgingly chose green and the tech explained that his job is just to get the cast supplies ready but it didn't necessarily mean I would need a new cast for sure. Whew! The doc came in to examine my progress and started squeezing my bones!! It didn't hurt but it felt very uncomfortable and scary. I imagined him squeezing too hard and breaking the joint again. As he continued to talk, I started seeing stars and I got incredibly sweaty. I had to interrupt him to tell him I was feeling super dizzy, so he told me to lay down and drink water. I almost passed out again! What the heck! I am such a wimp!

Unfortunately, the doctor thinks I am not quite ready to put weight on my fragile bones. So he sent me home in a giant non-weight bearing boot that looks like a ski boot (which is a little bit cruel if you ask me!!) So, I left LA for the 4th time on crutches. Boo!! He told me to come back in two weeks and I am hoping and praying that I will be able to walk by then.

There is one good thing about about my new boot: I can take it off! And shower! And I spent all evening stretching my calf and ankle and gently moving my foot around. Ah, I never thought moving a body part would make me so happy. So happy in fact that I was distracted all day at work by my daydreams of coming home and stretching my achilles.

And as usual, here are some lovely shots showing my (lack of) progress.

See that white mark around my wound? It's from sweat. Ew.

Not much different than three weeks ago. Apparently, I am not good at healing. But look how good I am at growing toe-nails!

My lizard leg. Sexy!

My right leg is completely limp, worthless, ugly, and shriveled. NT!

The new apparatus.

The silver lining: celebrating no-more-cast!

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