Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Resolution of Sorts

Rather than make a New Year's resolution, I've come up with a top five list of things that I will not take for granted in 2011. As most of you know, I've been in a foot cast for 18 days yet it feels like forever. I am getting pretty stir crazy and once this baby is off, I know I will look at life a little bit differently.

Top five things I will no longer take for granted in 2011:

5. Walking. It seems so obvious, but really, walking is so convenient! When you only have one foot, getting up to go to the bathroom is a huge task.  Try carrying a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the living room...on crutches. It's impossible.
4. Steve's domestic capabilities. In the past couple of weeks he has done laundry, cleaned the coffee maker, cleaned the stove, done dishes, learned how to make bacon, and invented a new cocktail.
3. Cooking. The reason cooking is so difficult is because it requires a lot of moving around. Gathering ingredients, tools, moving from the stove, counter, sink, refrigerator is best done on two feet. So far I've managed to bake some dessert, but I spent 15 minutes hopping around the kitchen gathering supplies and mixed everything sitting down at the counter.
2. Driving. Getting foot surgery on my driving foot is a pain! Even though I am feeling fine, and I could probably crutch around town if I wanted to, there's no way to get there without someone else to drive me. BOO!
1. Showering. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hot bubble bath. But sometimes I feel like I am just bathing in my own filth. A nice, clean shower would do me some good. I can only imagine what's going on underneath that cast. EW.

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