Saturday, February 12, 2011

Standing on my own two feet

HUGE accomplishments today:
  1. I can now stand up on both feet.  I have been too wussy to try it until today. And it turns out, it's easy as pie! Booya!*
  2. I've been practicing my walking all day. I have mastered the one-crutch-walking technique and I can move around quite comfortably on my boot. I can also crutch-walk on my bare foot. It's a bit hairy (no, not my foot) but I love the feeling of the ball of my foot pushing off the carpet!**
*Best part about standing up on both feet: I can shampoo without precariously balancing on one foot!
**Best part about one-crutch-walking: I now have a spare hand with which to carry Things! Oh, Things how I've missed you!

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