Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites: iPhone

I love my new iPhone so far, but I have to admit, it has been a challenging first few days! First, I couldn't activate my phone through iTunes (the suggested method), so I had to call customer service ALREADY and have them walk me through activating manually. Then, I couldn't transfer my contacts. The VZ Contact Transfer app didn't work with wifi on and the only reason I figured that out was by reading a support forum where people had the same issue. Even after turning off wifi, it wouldn't work. So I had to delete the app and start over from the beginning. This worked and now, after two days of trying, I have all of my contacts! Hooray!

Now I can't figure out how to send email from any email account besides my work one. Which is strange because I receive email from yahoo and gmail just fine. The battery life on this baby is sucked dry pretty quickly but that's probably because I was trying the VZ Transfer app over and over and over and it would just sit there and try to do its thing for 10 minutes at a time. Then of course setting up the many phone and screen settings ate up quite a bit of juice. I am hoping that after I get everything set, the battery will last a lot longer.  

Other than those few small setup issues, I am pretty happy. The touch screen is amazing and reacts to my finger much better than my LG Dare did. The keyboard is a bit tricky but I am starting to getting used to it. I love getting facebook and email notifications right on my phone. I love the quick weather forecast and the convenience of having my work Outlook calendar synced right on my phone. My favorite part is the IPOD!!! I have been using my Mini for a loooong time now and oh boy has the ipod changed!!! So colorful! :)

I consider myself somewhat technically savvy, but this technology has hit me like a ton of bricks. I have always been in the stone ages when it comes to phones and I definitely feel like a complete dufus trying to use this one. I am forced to learn geeky lingo like "push notifications" which might seem stupid to some people but after downloading my very first "app" and "fetching" my data, I feel so accomplished! Although,  my brain is starting to hurt!

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  1. I love this and the fact that I have no clue what any of those terms mean! If you thought you were in the stone age you would love that Ryan still has an antenna on his phone and my cell doesn't even have T9 auto complete!


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