Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Weeks

I was doing so well getting around on the boot, and I even ditched the crutch all day last Friday at work. But last Friday, after my second physical therapy session and wine tasting on Saturday, my arch got painfully sore and I had to rest all day Sunday and Monday. I felt like I was going backwards instead of making progress which REALLY frustrated me. But now the arch pain is pretty much gone and I am carefully back to walking in the boot with one crutch and practicing at home without crutches. 

I started physical therapy last week and had my third session today. They mostly massage the scars, stretch the big toe joint, ice and electroshock my foot, and then give me exercises to try at home. This evening after therapy I took a few steps barefoot and felt no pain, but the lack of mobility in my big toe really hinders me from even trying to walk normally. I keep stretching and exercising my foot on a regular basis, but wiggling my toes is still a challenge! 

Today, the physical therapist put some more kinese tape on my arch for added support so I am crossing my fingers that the pain doesn't come back. He also put some tape over one of my scars "to help it". Not sure how tape helps scars but whatevs. 

On a super super happy note, I finally tried driving and it was a success! I have to use the boot on the gas and my left foot on the brake. It's a little bit awkward, but it works! And boy oh boy driving is so much fun!!!

Oh! And I get to move back into my real office upstairs at work tomorrow! YAY! 

I go back to LA next Wednesday and I am hoping that the doctor gives me the OK to start walking in normal shoes. Although, I am a little weary because I'm progressing so slowly!! 

Man, I suck at healing.

My new kitty socks are helping!!! Thanks, Helya!

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