Moving is HELL

I've been spending most of my after hours time, working. Packing, cleaning, packing some more, moving stuff to the garage, cleaning again, packing everything into a Uhaul, arranging for a professional cleaning, transferring delicate plants, and loading more stuff into the Uhaul. Two words: moving sucks! We've completed Phase I of the Big Move. Everything Steve and I own is in a 17 foot Uhaul, in my car, or in the studio garage. Together, we have approxiately 12,759 belongings that fit into 4,578 boxes and 73 bins. I thought I threw a lot of junk away?!?! Where did it all come from! By the size of our truck, you'd think we're moving a family of 8 across the country.

We can't move into the new condo until tomorrow after noon, so we're shacking up at Motel 6 tonight. It's gotta beat the last two nights on the hard, cold floor, right?? Plus, they'll have a tv and I'll get to watch So You Think You Can Dance! and all my stress will be forgotten.

Anyway, I really hope we manage to throw half our stuff away before moving it all the way in. If not, I am hiring someone to do the work for me next time.

In closing, I leave you with a photo of The Stain that I've been trying to remove for the past three months. You know that quaint wooden room divider I had set up in between the "living room" and the kitchen? Well, it left the lovely mark below and made me want to kill myself.