Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving is HELL

I've been spending most of my after hours time, working. Packing, cleaning, packing some more, moving stuff to the garage, cleaning again, packing everything into a Uhaul, arranging for a professional cleaning, transferring delicate plants, and loading more stuff into the Uhaul. Two words: moving sucks! We've completed Phase I of the Big Move. Everything Steve and I own is in a 17 foot Uhaul, in my car, or in the studio garage. Together, we have approxiately 12,759 belongings that fit into 4,578 boxes and 73 bins. I thought I threw a lot of junk away?!?! Where did it all come from! By the size of our truck, you'd think we're moving a family of 8 across the country.

We can't move into the new condo until tomorrow after noon, so we're shacking up at Motel 6 tonight. It's gotta beat the last two nights on the hard, cold floor, right?? Plus, they'll have a tv and I'll get to watch So You Think You Can Dance! and all my stress will be forgotten.

Anyway, I really hope we manage to throw half our stuff away before moving it all the way in. If not, I am hiring someone to do the work for me next time.

In closing, I leave you with a photo of The Stain that I've been trying to remove for the past three months. You know that quaint wooden room divider I had set up in between the "living room" and the kitchen? Well, it left the lovely mark below and made me want to kill myself.

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