Monday, July 14, 2008

A good idea...No, a GREAT idea!

Let me introduce you to my new LOVE. Lately, I've had this huge desire to be outside. I want to come home from work every night and just find something to do out in the warm air. Last week, I put on my walking shoes, charged up the ipod, and took a walk to the nearby park. It was very peaceful and relaxing, but I really wanted to go further than my little legs could take me.

I told Steve about my idea to get a bicycle so that I could roam around town a little easier. He agreed that it was a great idea! It's healthy, fun, and good for the environment AND our pockets. Saturday, we went to several bike shops to compare types and prices. We decided it would be best to wait until after we moved to get a bike so that we wouldn't have to figure out how to transport it all over town. However, on Sunday, we decided to go back to Sports Authority just for fun to look at the bikes again. They were 20% off on Sunday! It was FATE! So, both of us got brand new shiny beach cruisers. We spent the rest of the afternoon like two little lovebirds aimlessly cruising around the neighborhood. HEAVEN.

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  1. The colors on the bicycle and the flowered design look great.


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