Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Response to My Last Post

Alright, alright, I get it. You all hate me because I live in Paradise, and I'm complaining about it, right?? Well, I KNOW that San Luis Obispo is a nice place to live. It's beautiful, there's lot to do, it's relatively safe and quiet, and the weather is nice. I do enjoy living here, but the part of me that wants to explore and experience new things is taking over! I have never been the type of person who doesn't like change. I live for change! I need stability in my relationships and career...but I want to offset that with adventure in other ways! I want to buy a house and re-model it. I want to live in the middle of a bustling city. I want to grow a garden and raise goats next to my country farm. I want to escape into a conversation with someone who lives much differently than I do.

All I am trying to say is that San Luis Obispo is not the perfect place to live for ME, FOREVER. It may be great for some of you, and it is pretty awesome right now, but I want more for my life than being stuck in one place, good or bad. I never take for granted living here. I appreciate every warm day, every rolling hill, every glistening coastal sunset, and every quaint corner of this place. But, I know in my heart, I can be happy somewhere else too.

As for the poll - the top three things to do in San Luis Obispo were:
  1. Farmer's Market
  2. Hiking in Montana de Oro
  3. Wine Tasting
Pretty good picks, but all I really want to do is watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!

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