Thursday, July 24, 2008

"The Most Californian Place in All of California"

Sunset Magazine published an article about the top 10 dream towns and San Luis Obispo made the cut. The article definitely highlights some of the nicer things about SLO, but there's always a second argument. It mentions lots of undergrads roaming around. I don't particularly like this aspect of SLO. I used to be one of those "kids" but now I am a career gal and all I want is to remove myself from the college environment. Yet, everywhere I go, I get this question: "So, you go to Poly?" And when I tell them I graduated from "Poly" (I hate that nickname) three years ago, they look at me with such surprise like 'what on earth could you be doing here if you don't go to POLY!?'

The writer does make a statement about the average housing prices here. If that isn't enough to make you want to stay away, I dunno what is. Even if you work in SLO (and let me tell you, there's not many places to work here), you make a pretty decent salary - wait - make that two pretty decent salaries in your household, you're both responsible with money, and you both have outstanding credit, guess what? You're still not going to buy a house here anytime soon. Not without the help of Grandma's trust fund or the settlement you'll get after "accidentally" splashing chemicals into your eyes at work.

Maybe I am cynical because I have lived here for 7 years and everyone else got to leave and go experience a new place. Hmph! Let me out, SLO!

Anyway, read the article for yourself. It's pretty short. If you've never been here before you can get a glimpse into my life...or not. If you have been to SLO, or even lived here, PLEASE comment and tell me your thoughts about this town. I'm very interested.

Sunset Magazine Top 10 Dream Towns

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is an article that the local newspaper wrote about its Sunset Magazine pride. San Luis Obispo Tribune

And just in case the honest conservatives of the SLO Tribune feel that some of the comments about the article reflect badly on our quaint town, I have immortalized them below: (and my sweet boyfriend made a lovely comment at the bottom - alias "Jonny")

Posted by: kenfield 2008-07-24 11:58:44
Subject: SLO made other lists
The Chamber of Commerce is proud to note that SLO has also appeared on many other magazine top-ten lists: -- It's 4th on White Flight magazine's list of Places to Escape the Horrors of Cultural Diversity, just below Boon, ID -- SLO is 1st on Nuclear Power Weekly's list of Cities to Avoid When the Big One Hits -- BusinessWeek put it 7th on its list of Towns Unsullied by the Stench of Venture Capital or Management Talent -- Chi High, the magazine of Delta Chi fraternity, put it at #9 on its list of College Town Sidewalks Most Covered in Undergrad Vomit -- Cal Poly Magazine listed SLO 11th on its list of Top Ten Cities We Care About, just below Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Posted by: norske 2008-07-24 12:10:39
That was very funny and sadly true.

Posted by: LivinginaSLObubble 2008-07-24 12:17:16
Subject: Paso
I think Paso says it best, "Darn near paradise" Abosolutely, only about 30 minutes north of it. IMHO Is SLO perfect, no, but I havent seen a better place to live yet.

Posted by: prosperity 2008-07-24 12:21:28
Subject: Kenfield is a so smart
I agree with you man. This place isnt all that its cracked up to be. Lots of people have blinders on in this town.

Posted by: beachrat 2008-07-24 12:29:59
Subject: It really is!
SLO is as close to paradise on earth as anywhere we have ever been. The weather, the people, the ambiance, yes it truly typifies California.

Posted by: jonny 2008-07-24 12:59:23
Subject: not so nice anymore!
Maybe it used to be a nice place. Crime has risen dramatically over the last few years, largley due to the town's proximity to Santa Maria and Atascadero. If you like obese 60 year olds who wear the same dirty sweat pants for weeks at a time, this is your place.


  1. I love SLO and I think you're really lucky to still be living there! I don't think I "got to" leave...I had to. And weren't you just writing about how lovely it is to take a leisurely bike ride around town? I'd love to do that too but I'd get run over in downtown San Jose!

    And it is possible to live there without making millions! The Blocks (who I used to babysit for) are doing it with 2 teacher's salaries and 4 kids! Plus! With the housing market sucking the prices will probably keep going down for awhile...hopefully :)

    Why do you think Kara and I love to visit you so much? We like YOU and we like being in SLO!

  2. I say it's awfully easy to complain when you're the one living in paradise.

  3. I absolutely love SLO! If/when I ever move back to the States, it's the only place I'd ever live, ever. I'm sooo glad I found a place over here that's just like it (except much cheaper to live!) and I'll be moving there in January! It's like my own little English SLO =]

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    still one of the last BEST places in california. expensive to live in...yes, but well worth it for its beauty and proximity. crime of course will come due to numbers, diversity, and popularity of its educational draw which of course brings the later two mentioned. it is what it is!


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