Monday, May 26, 2008

One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days when every little thing ticks you off? Well today has been like that for me. I am irritable and cranky. It all started when I was making soup and trying to grab a paper towel to set the wet spoon on. A cloth was stuck underneath the paper towel holder, inhibiting me from tearing off a paper towel. Normally, I would calmly move the cloth and proceed to grab a paper towel. But not today. Today I yelled, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!" and threw the cloth across the kitchen. Steve looked up from the couch like "who the hell is she talking to over there?"

Another example of my ridiculous behavior was when I was getting ready to go to the gym. As I was putting my contacts in, the shower towel fell from the door onto the ground. I have a phobia about clean shower towels touching anything, especially the bathroom floor, so I FREAKED. On a regular day, I would simply stop what I was doing and hang the towel back up as quickly as possible, but, no, it wasn't quite that easy today. Today I yelled, "STEVE I NEED HELP!!!!" So he runs in thinking my hair's on fire or something, and I make a pouty face and point to the fallen towel. He picks it up and hangs it on the door and asks, "so what do you need help with?" and I go, "you just did it, thanks" Yeah, I let him get away with rolling his eyes this time.

So, we get to the gym, and Steve is trying to show me how to use the different machines for different parts. Saturday when we went, he taught me all about shoulder and back exercises. I was in the ZONE. I've never had so much fun at the gym, and I was pumped to get my work out routine settled. But today wasn't so fun. Today, my stupid contact would not stop irritating my eyeball. I could not concentrate on anything Steve was saying. In between each rep, I'd whine, "my EYE!!! my EEEEEYE" Lucky for me, Steve is very understanding and knows that the gym thing wasn't gonna happen until my eye felt better.

We went home and I washed that contact like it was my job. I rubbed and rinsed and scrubbed and put it back in. IT DID NOT HELP! So, of course this makes me even more frustrated. We get in the car to go downtown for the day and on my way I get madder and madder at my eye. Steve suggests just wearing my glasses. I am very annoyed at this suggestion because, DUH, if I wear my glasses, then I cannot wear my sunglasses and then my eyes will hurt for another reason. But, I realized that I could no longer stand the agony of this rotten contact, so I flipped the car around and went home to get my glasses.

Steve thinks I'm insane, and he is partially correct. TODAY I am insane. Yesterday I was normal. Tomorrow I will most likely be normal. We can blame it on hormones, the wind, whatever...but everyone has those days...and everyone gets through them.

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