Friday, May 23, 2008

Down in the LBC

I spend 90% of my time with one man. As much as I absolutely LOVE that man, and enjoy every second with him, sometimes I just need my girlfriends! Who else can accessorize the perfect dress, or tell you what color eyeshadow to use.

Long Beach is the perfect place for a girls getaway. Helya lives in a quaint little part of town called Belmont Shore. Her apartment is walking distance to bars, restuarants, shopping, and the beach! I got there about 8:30 on Friday night, after a few detours and fighting my way around the Gay Pride Festival on Ocean Blvd.

As soon as I walked through the door, Helya was ready with vodka shots and chasers. Unfortunately for me, I was a bit unaquainted with taking shots, so of course I took too many. Four of us girls made our way to Legends (Helya's home)'ll need some background info for the next part: imagine this...three girls between 5 feet and 5'2'', skinny mini's (80-90lbs), and we probably don't look a day over 18. Ok, I get it! It's the law to make sure we are of drinking age, but after awhile looking young gets so old!

Anyway, the Bouncer not only examined my ID forever, but asked for a credit card to verify. That has NEVER happened to me before. Then, the bartender asked for our ID's again!! I am so sick of that crap. To top it off, these ugly-fat-geezers came up to us and said, "are you ladies tall enough to ride the rides?" So I gave him a dirty look and rolled my eyes, "haha you are so hiliarious, jerk!" Three insults in about three minutes! We start walking away and the guys are like "oh but we meant that it's sooo cute and adorable!" Okay then, did you ever think about just saying that instead?!?! What losers.
I think we were at the bar for less than two hours when I desperately needed to just go to bed. Helya gave me water and a trash can and fell asleep to the sound of a "water-fall" (as she put it) coming out of my mouth. Yeah, I know, not so pleasant. Sorry about that. But I was out of practice!!!!

The next day I woke up in agony, but we got pedicures and sandwiches and layed out on the beach. Let me tell you...Pedicures, Subway, and sunshine are the perfect hangover cures. P.S. I am NEVER drinking again! :)

Saturday night we went to sushi where Helya taught me a new trick! SOY PAPER INSTEAD OF SEAWEED! I write that in CAPS because that's how excited I am about this. The worst part about sushi has always been the seaweed. I cannot stand it. I usually embarrass everyone with me and eat out the inside of the sushi roll with a fork so that I don't have to touch the seaweed. (Hi, I'm 5 years old!) But now, no more humiliation my friends.....I can eat an entire piece of sushi without wanting to vomit! THANKS HELYA! It's the best trick up your sleeve (and you have a lot of tricks!)

After sushi I experienced GUITAR HERO! for the first time. It was so freaking fun. I am usually very anti-video-gaming but this game seriously ROCKS! Lucky for me, my little brother has it in Montana, so next week I'll be spending most of my time Hero-ing it up. Look out girls, next time I am going to be the Champion. We also played Taboo for a bit and ate cheese and crackers and tried our hardest to sip on some wine (my body was rejecting it the moment it hit my lips!)
Girls weekends are always fun, but this one was extra special. Good friends are hard to find, so when you do, keep them around, stay in touch, and visit often! Thanks for the lovely time Helya, I can't wait to do it again!

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