Monday, May 05, 2008


We didn't arrive to the campground until after dark, but lucky for us, Rachel and Scott already had a fire going and the bevs ready. Rachel made incredibly tasty burgers, bigger than our faces with a side of blueberry vodka. Scott spoiled us with "goatmeal" chocolate chip cookes and the rest of the night was spent by the fire talking about camp hookers.

Apparently there were really camp hookers because on two separate occasions, in two different bathrooms, we found used condoms strewn across the floor and dirty panties. YUCK! Scott also witnessed a couple together in the shower. We came up with different ways to ruin this inappropriate romance: by plopping things into the toilet and grunting, or squirting water out of a water bottle into the toilet. Next time Scott!

The next day, we went on a grueling hike up to pfeiffer falls. Actually, it only took us about 10 minutes and led us to Bug City. But, there were some HUGE Red Woods and tree trunk caves and tunnels, and lots of great photo ops!

We drove down Hwy 1 about 10 miles to another water fall, where some rude people took all the parking spots, and stood in the middle of the road. They were all there for a wedding at the end of the trail...the same trail we were going on. It was very annoying, and probably the WORST place for a wedding. But the view was spectacular and we got to see lots of strange people.

After our hike, we made it back to the campsite for a cat nap. I got up to start dinner: BBQ chicken and grilled veggies. Rachel made margaritas, with a blender!!! Yes, we brought a blender camping :) We camp in style! The yummy dinner only made us want more goodies, so we brought out the s'mores and finished off two giant hershey bars! YUM!

The rest of the night was filled with laughter, and lesbian talk (our neighbor campers were butch lesbians!) and then I got real cranky and whined my way to bed.

The next day we took our time getting up and Scott made pancakes with bananas and blueberry syrup! We really ate well this weekend. We packed up and headed our separate ways. :( It was a very memorable weekend, and I am very grateful for my lovely friends!

See you again in Catalina!

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  1. Awwww....(stomping feet) I wanna go camping with friends and drink margaritas and talk about lesbians!!! Sounds like fun!! I wish you would have dropped things into the toilet to disturb the lovers in the shower...would have made for some good blooging material. ;)


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