Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Always on the go!

Im going on yet another trip, starting today at 2:05pm. I'll be in Manhattan, Montana by 11:00pm tonight. My mom's 49th birthday is tomorrow, and my little brother's high school graduation is Saturday. I get to see my family's new house for the first time and of course eat a few home cooked meals. I CANNOT WAIT.

My mom is flying with me to Minneapolis on Sunday for the AIHA convention. In between going to seminars and walking around an expo, we will be touring the MALL OF AMERICA! WAHOO! My aunt is going to meet us in Minneapolis as well and apparently I have a great aunt who lives in St. Cloud so we're going to make a visit to see her while we're in Minnesota.

Thursday morning I am driving 4.5 hours to Madison, Wisconsin to visit our parent company. Unfortunately I only have a day and a half to meet important work people, and look around Madison. It's supposedly an awesome city, so I am looking forward to seeing it!

I fly home next Friday night...I already know how anxious I'm gonna be to get home.
Pictures and posts about my trip to come!

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