Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renovation Reality

Thought I would give you a tiny glimpse inside the crazy world of a home-owner with little ideas that turn into BIG projects.
Remember when we wanted to replace a few windows that were old and cruddy? And remember how that one idea turned into Steve wanting to handcraft some window sills and molding? And then that required grinding off the current window sills in order to install new ones before the windows were installed? And remember how the grinding of the old window sills covered the entire guest room with an inch of dust? And that meant we quaranteen our entire living room with yards and yards of environmentally unfriendly plastic

Well, here is one minute and forty seven seconds of that process. You DIYers will love this. (Note: I am filming lying down under a plastic tunnel with the camera peeking out. We should get an award for our bubble room masterpiece.)

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