Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sneak Peek

I've been slow to post lately, but we've been REALLY busy! Work has been insanely busy and surprisingly our social calendar has been filling up lately! But, really, we've been making progress on home projects!! Whooppee! 

Steve has been very busy crafting beautiful window sills and trim for our guest room and office. It all came about when we decided to replace a few old windows with new ones and the installer suggested we put in new window sills prior to installation of the window. So Steve went to town, grinding off the old sills (not really even a sill - just drywall and texture stuff), and quickly learned that grinding off drywall makes LOTS of dust. The entire office was covered with a layer of dust. So for the next room he built a bubble around the window to work in. Even then there was dust everywhere. The new grasscloth wall paper was caked - Steve spent quite some time vacuuming off the dust!!  Finally, when he got to the window in the living room, we bubbled off the window and then double-bubbled the entire living room! This took an entire night to prep..we had to remove everything from the room, tape up the plastic with a complete seal and then we put textbooks down on the bottom of the plastic so that the dust wouldn't creep up underneath and spread throughout the house. Phew! All that work for about 5 minutes of grinding. 

All of my patience is paying off because Steve's sills and trim are GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous!!! He isn't quite done so this is just a sneak peek before my official before and after photos :) 



  1. Have you seen "Dexter"? Steve's set-up looks like Dexter's kill room. In other, less creepy news, I love the new windows! Can't wait to see the finished product in person next month!

  2. haha Rach all I could think was Dexter too!

  3. I've never seen Dexter, but a kill room sounds pretty cool :) haha


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