Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hotel de Dwight

We have been working on the guest room ever since we moved in, trying to make it the perfect retreat for our loved ones. We care about your comfort!!! There were a few major changes to the room including a grassclothed wall, a new window with home-made molding, new window treatments, and some added recessed lighting wired by my hubs. The only thing left are new closet doors and crown molding but I wanted to share with you our pride and joy to-date!

November 2009

February 2010

May 2010

First we painted that wall a khaki color but it just didn't look right. So we stole the grasscloth idea from my grandma and it really makes the room pop! 

March 2011

Getting prepped for a new window

April 2011

New window and new West Elm bedding!

Window molding and blinds!

Some advice: if you are going to order window treatments online, make sure you enter the right dimensions!! I mixed up the height and width dimensions on the order form and we received some F'd up blinds! Home Depot doesn't allow returns or exchanges on custom items so we had to bite the bullet and re-order a new set. The originals are still sitting in our closet - what do you do with wooden blinds that fit NO windows?? 

September 2011

I collected all different sizes and shades of brown picture frames until I had enough for the wall. Since this is our guest room, we framed pictures of family and friends! 

Steve wired our paper lantern light into the ceiling so there's no more obnoxious wire hanging down the side of the wall. And we picked out a lovely little ceiling mount that adds a nice touch to the light. The table is from Ikea. We wanted some narrow but dresser-like and this is the perfect fit! I plan on getting some baskets to put in the lower cubbies.

The dahlias in the vase are from bulbs we planted in our backyard!
The wall hangings are from our honeymoon in Japan. We sent them to Steve's mom to sew a loop in the top so we could put a dowel through and hang them with a piece of cord. We added some knobs  to the ends to complete the look.

LOVE this chair! (Got it today from World Market!)

Two years later and this room is (nearly) done! It is my favorite room in the house. 

Next room wrap-up is the office! 

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  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    the room looks great...cant wait to see it in person..havent been there in quite awhile:)


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