Friday, September 30, 2011

Time is money!

In preparation of hosting Thanksgiving for my family this year, I made a list of things to get done around the house. One of those things is washing our grimy windows. We have 15 giant windows at our house so I thought it would be nice to hire a window washer so I'd have time to do other things on that list - you know, like paint my nails. I brought up my idea to Steve, a true DIYer, who would rather die than hire someone to perform handy work, who spends weeks on You Tube and reading library books to learn about a subject just so he can do it himself, who's own to-do list is pages long. So what do you think he said when I asked about getting them done? You're right! He said "we are NOT paying someone to clean our windows. You can do it! It's easy!" So I rolled my eyes and changed the subject.

Well, today I saw a deal online (our local attempt at Groupon) for professional window washing. 10 windows for $70 ($120 value). Great deal, right?! And perfect timing! So I thought maybe if Steve knew about this deal, he'd go for it. He's into deals!

We were on instant messenger at work, so I decided to share the deal link with him right then. His response was pretty perfect.

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