Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seattle Be Mine

Our trip to Seattle for my brother's 21st birthday was exquisite. The perfect vacation really. We spent a lot of time walking around, eating good food, drinking, and sleeping. My mom planned the best birthday party in the hotel room before heading out to see the Drive-by Truckers, (or as I liked to call them, Dirty Mother Truckers) at the Showbox downtown Seattle. We drank yummy wine, snacked on delectable cheeses, and topped it off with Guinness cupcakes! 

Unfortunately, I didn't plan my night well and drank a few too many cranberry vodkas early in the night, along with a jager bomb that I promised to do with Philip to honor his bday. I made it until about 11:30 and had to cab it home with Ryan, where we bought junk food from the hotel store and shoveled it into our faces just so we had something to soak up the alcohol before bed. Anyway, I heard the show was great! And my mom and I have matching DMT t-shirts to prove the night was a success!

Sunday we all had a hard time getting out of bed, but made it down to Pike's Market by 11:00 or so. Just in time to watch the fish throwers and grab a juicy burger at Pike's Brewery. Steve bought some mangos at the market that made it all the way home safe and sound! And of course we all enjoyed hot cozy coffee on a cold rainy day.

The next day we ventured downtown again and took the monorail to the Space Needle. On the way there, I had an eyelash in my eye and as I was trying to remove it, my contact came out!! My mom gave me her eyedrops and I was able to get it back in but it was still bugging me. I went into the bathroom and looked more closely and my contact was ripped!!! It would be an uncomfortable view from the Space Needle but I had no choice but to suck it up (and whine!) Ryan and I went to the top while Philip and Steve went to a record store instead. Although it was windy and cold up top, the view was phenomenal and worth every penny. 

We made our way to North Bend to take a tour of Phil's worksite at Snoqualmie Falls. We also got to see where my parents are living now. It is the coolest little spot ever..back in a green mossy forest with a river running right behind them. I would love to hole up in the camper while listening to the tip tap of the rain and the rushing river. 

The waterfall at Snoqualmie Falls was impressive to say the least. Phil's project is equally as impressive with cranes, giant pipes, and lots of blasting of hillsides. My mom got us a hotel room at the Salish Lodge and Spa. One of the prettiest places we've ever stayed. We enjoyed drinks at the Attic (their cozy bar), burgers at North Bend Bar and Grill, and then  chatted fireside while sipping on yummy bevs. Overall the perfect ending to a wonderful vacation. 

Thank you so much mom for planning everything and making it a memorable trip. We had SO much fun and we can't wait to come back!

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  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Gorgeous photos - you look beautiful and radiant!



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