Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy Birthday, Philip!

Today, my little brother turns 21!!! It's hard to believe he is a real adult now! There are so many things about Philip that I love, but here are a few:

  • He is super duper smart. He is majoring in history and philosophy at Montana State and knows way more big words now than I will ever know in my lifetime. He leads discussion groups, reads for fun, and is spending his 21st birthday studying for a midterm. He rocks at school.
  • He has a good sense of humor and a quick wit. He likes to poke fun at me, and he's allowed because he is much bigger than me!
  • He has a sweet spirit. I have never once heard him say anything rude or menacing and I think that everyone who knows him really loves him.
  • He called me the day I got my surgery to see how I was doing (and mom didn't tell him to!) and I will never forget it!
  • He gives hugs freely. Everytime I see him, he gives me the biggest bear hug ever. Sometimes he squeezes too hard and won't let go, and I yell at him, but secretly I am glad he wants to be so close :)
So, here's a virtual toast to you, Phil! And in a few more days, we'll do it for real. Love you!

Here is a trip down memory lane. I wish I had more when he was really little because he was the CUTEST little man ever.

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  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    we are so lucky to be his parents...he is so loved and admired by anyone that truly knows him:) Happy birthday Philip...we love you!


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