Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love Letter Sunday

I always have a difficult time throwing away notes and cards when there is something sweet written inside. I love that most of these letters are HAND written when these days handwritten letters are so rare. I've been stashing these gems for years and I've decided to showcase them here on my blog for all to see. These thank you notes, birthday cards, valentines, postcards, and my personal favorite,"letters just because" are so special to me and I hope you enjoy reading them.  

This "letter" came from my Italian friend, Franci who interned at our work over the summer. We became good friends and here is a letter she wrote to me last August. I love her English!!

"Sometimes you don't really know how but some people become important and you are one of this for me now. I can't believe that into two weeks maybe we don't see anymore! We don't even know, maybe it'll happen and we'll meet somewhere.......anyway I promise I'm not going to forget nothing we shared! I hope you're having a great time with your bestfriend......maybe watching "the new moon" :-)!! I'll send a message tomorrow morning if I can come downtown.....I really wish so I'll try to figure how.....hopefully! Franci"

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