Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As most of you know, I am up on my feet, walking around in sneakers! FINALLY! The doctor made me some orthotics for extra support and I am guessing I'll be stuck in tennis shoes for the next couple of months. But, all is well and I am feeling decent! Only decent because since being in shoes (one week now) there have been three incidents that make me nervous:

1) Saturday I put my orthotics in some work-out shoes (soft shoes with an open top and a strap across the top), and I spent all day cleaning the house in my shoes. At the end of the day, I took them off and the top of my foot where the opening in the shoe was was BULGING. I mean, HUGE. It was very unnerving because my toes were wrinkled up as if they had NO blood in them at all, and all of the blood was in a big ball on top of my foot. It looked like a golf ball inside my foot. I'm not even exaggerating.  I iced it and put it up and it took a couple of hours to go down. SCARY!

2) Yesterday at work my ankle started to hurt and it was pretty swollen when I got home from work. My foot didn't look bad but it was painful to walk. I am guessing that my ankle just isn't used to all of the stress.

3) Today I went to physical therapy and the therapist noticed a strange bump (like the size of a pimple) on my lower scar and noticed the scar was a little bit pink. He told me to watch it and make sure the area surrounding the scar doesn't get too red or swollen, or hurt to the touch, which are signs of infection. The scar has remained tender but it doesn't really hurt. It worried me a little but I figured I'd just watch to see if the bump gets worse. When I got home today, I took off my shoes, and cleaned up the kitchen for about 10 minutes standing in my bare feet. Here is what my foot looked like afterwards! 

Umm, HELLO! My entire foot is RED. I sat down to put my foot up and within minutes the redness went away. What is wrong with me???

Anyway, here is a look back at some photos since my 80-day post. 

March 5th - cool tape!

March 11th - sitting and standing

March 16th - sitting and standing

March 16th - first time in shoes coming out of the dr's office

March 19th

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