Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding Planning Update

In between house hunting and working, I've tried to do a little bit of wedding planning, but the hardest decisions have still yet to be made:

Wedding Site - I'm having a hard time figuring out where to have the wedding, mostly because there are SO many beautiful choices around here. I keep getting all of the sites confused with each other and most of the searching has been don online and via email with my mom. My Mom and I both looked at Cambria Pines Lodge - she said the food and service was great, and we both thought the grounds were very nice. The catch is if you want an evening reception, you have to have it inside their conference hall. NT! Mainly I want an outdoor evening wedding with lots of greenery. I also don't want it to be too fancy. Here are some of my top choices so far:

Size of wedding - I am thinking I want the wedding to be about 100 people. I need an approximate guest list from Steve's mom, my mom, and Steve still so I can get an estimated guest count which will help better determine the catering budget.

Wedding Party - the wedding party depends on three things: where the wedding will be, how many guests are invited, and how many groomsmen Steve wants on his side. He won't tell me who he wants on his side of the wedding party until I pick a place and so far his numbers have ranged from 2-4. I don't think the numbers have to match exactly, but I don't want a huge mismatch. I also don't want a ton of people in the wedding party since the wedding style is going to be relatively simple. But also, I am not having a flower girl nor a ring bearer, so that will cut down on number of people a little bit. I've already asked Helya to be my Maid of Honor and Heather to be a bridesmaid. I probably shouldn't even be talking about this yet but I just wanted to fill everyone in so you all know that I'm giving this all a lot of thought but I haven't come to any other conclusions yet! Sorry!

Dress - I'm ordering a few dresses from J. Crew to try. They are simple, small, elegant, and INEXPENSIVE! Hopefully I'll be trying them out in Long Beach in two weeks! EXCITED! Go look at and see what I mean.

Flowers/accents - I'm thinking lots of greens and whites with a little bit of color here and there. Here are some ideas:

Bouquets I like:

Okay so there you have it - all of my ideas thus far! Let me know what you think! Oh yeah, wedding date will be set once we pick a wedding site - but hopefully May 2010!

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