Thursday, March 26, 2009

Change of Plans

We decided to cancel our offer on the house. There were too many issues with it. One being an easement through the backyard meaning we would own the propertly but the City could regulate the use of the yard and we'd have restrictions for how we could landscape it. LAME! The other issue was a dining room that was not permitted when it was built, or if it was, the builders weren't making it very easy to get official documentation. WEIRD! After thinking about the house a little bit more, we came to the conclusion that we absolutely cannot live with the amount of storage space it had. There was a small one car garage, a tiny amount of storage space under the stairs, and closets in the bedrooms. But, where are we supposed to hang our coats? What about the vacuum? And linens?! More importantly, where do I store all the food?!?! There's no pantry and not much cupboard space in the kitchen. Yeah, there's room for growth and remodeling, but at the price we were going to pay, it would be years before we could save up for some big changes like that.

Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to convince myself that we made the right decision. The house was beautiful, brand new, next to the creek, and just a short walk from The Village. But we have to look at things practically and think about how truly comfortable we'd be in the house.

We found another prospect also in Arroyo Grande near the Village. It's a bigger house for less money, but it's also older and needs some updating. But it's sooo gorgeous!! We looked at a few houses yesterday after work but they were all in cookie-cutter neighborhoods and the houses looked like legos. No Thanks.

This house-hunting stuff is stressful, but also really really fun!!

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  1. I love the new house! I can't wait to see it in person if that's the house you end up with :)


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