Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Schedule of Events

I'm going to Cincinnati for work next week. The weather is supposed to be stormy and cold :( I am looking forward to seeing a new place, but unfortunately most of my time will be spent in a classroom learning about Industrial Ventilation (WHOO!!) I also have several work projects that I will be working on after class in my lonely hotel room. God, this is going to be a great trip! :)

Next on the agenda is camping with the Cub and Pup in Big Sur the first weekend in May. We reserved an $80 campsite, so it must have some mighty fine amenities! Maybe an extra large fire ring, or even a picnic table sans bird poop. Maybe the site is all grass and no dirt. Oh I know! It must be bug free! Anyway, it will be a fun time. I plan on drinking heavily and bbqing some mean burgers. What do you think, Rachipoo?

S and I will also be attending Joanna's graduation from the University of Arkansas in May. We are flying there Thursday night and coming back Sunday. I told Joanna two years ago that I would come visit her in Arkansas, and I decided to wait until the last possible second, which is very uncharacteristic, but whatever, it worked out in my favor since the plane tickets were only $250. So, I'm going to Arkansas and I'm very excited about it!

At the end of May I will be attending my brother Philip's high school graduation in Montana. With a class of about 50 students, the ceremony will be short and sweet. My mom promised to take me to "The Mint" a fabulous restaurant in Bozeman. Filet Mignon please. She knows my heart!

From Bozeman, my mom and I are flying to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am going to a convention for Industrial Hygienists for work. But, the best part is we are going to the MALL OF AMERICA!!!!! I can hardly contain my joy!

After the convention, I am driving 4 hours to Madison, Wisconsin to visit our headquarters. I'll be spending one or two nights there and then driving to Milwaukee and flying back to SLO. WHOO I am so excited to explore three new places!

But, I'm not done yet! Looks like a quaint weekend getaway to Catalina is in order. The baby animal party has moved locations and we're all going to meet up for an Island Adventure. No official plans yet, but as they say, I'm super "stoked!"

My mom is coming out for the John Mayer concert in July. I think maybe more of my family is coming for that too because it's probably the best event that could ever happen to Paso Robles.

Sometime in between all that boring stuff I'll be making a visit to Long Beach to see my Helya! I haven't been in awhile and I always love going there. I promise I'm coming! At the end of the summer, S and I are trying to plan a trip to Seattle and Vancouver for a week. This is still tentative, but I really, really want to go. I'm also going to UCSB's graduation June 14th to see my baby Katie graduate! I can't believe it! My friend Jackie is having a babyshower in Walnut Creek at some point this summer as well, so I will hopefully be able to go to that. (Mom, you should come visit Lisa and Brian during that weekend and we can stay with them!)

Then of course, moving day is August 1. I HATE MOVING!

Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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  1. Margaritas?! Also I have a couple recipes I want to try out that could be adapted to work on a tiny BBQ. If they're good we can try one at our glorious, top-of-the-line campsite.


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