Monday, April 14, 2008


My shoulders are rubbed raw from carrying two heavy bags across two airports for hours. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to lift my huge bag over my head into the luggage compartment all by myself. Usually I ask for help, but this time I decided to try it on my own. What a huge dufus with my face all tweaked and red and sweaty trying to lift that dumb red bag way up there so high. And the old lady next to me says, "you're a lot stronger than you look, you little thing you" That's right! BOOYAH! UHH! I said.

So yeah, here I am in my hotel room outside of Cincinnati. I can't even see a city anywhere. No big buildings, no lights, no excitement. The best thing around here is a MALL! OH MALL HOW I LOVE THEE! I spent three hours after my class today at the mall! I probably looked crazy because I was wide-eyed and drooling all over myself. So many stores to choose from, so much time!! Here is what I get in SLO: Abercrombie and Fitch ($$$$$$), Express ($$$$), Banana Republic (for those days I feel like swimming in my clothes, and who would buy a Banana blouse just to wear to bed?), and hmm..oh, right, those are my ONLY OPTIONS so you understand my excitedment, right? I'm going back tomorrow...and the next day. :)

I went to dinner at the Cracker Barrell tonight. I saw it as I drove up to the hotel, and I was so excited because I used to go to the Cracker Barrell in Georgia when I visited my grandma. I just HAD to go! Oh my god, this place is hilarious. It was full of decrepit, fat people with no teeth (but really friendly and happy decrepit, fat people!) The host was this jolly black man who smiled so hard while telling us the special, I thought he was going to start cracking up at the sound of "porkchop". The entire menu consisted of fried this and fried that. I got the fried chicken (of course), with mashed pototoes, gravy, biscuits, and corn! I don't think the Midwest believes in spice, because everything was bland, but with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!! And get this - my entire dinner cost $7.60!! My boss is going to see my expense report and give me a raise! I went on and on about how cheap this place was, and the people I were with were like, "Really?? Looks like these prices are higher than the CB in Tennessee!" Whatever cheapos, I haven't paid $7.60 for dinner since...who knows! I'm damn happy about this!

Anyway, Cincinnati is definitely different from home. I miss my Billy. I enjoy seeing new places, but its always better when you have someone to share it with.

OH, BTW, I got a brand new Mustang convertible for my rental car!! Cincinnati in style!! :)

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