Friday, April 04, 2008

Cottage News

My cottage is officially off the market. My landlord rented it (already!) to a girl who goes to Cal Poly. She seems really sweet and nice, which is the kind of person I wanted taking over my place. I will be so sad to leave it, but I'm glad it will be in good hands. :)

Now, I just have to find a new place. It's so frustrating looking for a place to live in this town. Most of the rentals I am finding are either too expensive, junky, near Cal Poly, or in the middle of nowhere. Or, the first question the property management asks is, "are you a student"? NO. We are NOT students, and I'm getting sick of people asking or even assuming that. We are thinking about moving to Morro Bay for a change of scenery. Plus, the rent is cheaper. Really, we just want to live somewhere that is walking distance to something.

So, I want to have one last hurrah at the cottage before moving day. I have to be out of there by July 31st. I need a baby animal party at least one more time! But don't worry, our new place is going to be just as welcoming to all of you lovelies. Plus, you won't have to sleep in the kitchen!

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