Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Feelin' Light!

April was a great month. I focused hard on doing the things that make me truly happy and not a single day went by where I didn't feel lucky to have this life that I created for myself. 

April - Lighten Up
  • Be a treasure house of happy memories - gather pictures and mementos and put them into one organized place
  • Take time for hobbies
  • Listen to music in the morning
  • Be patient!
  • Be easily impressed, entertained, and interested
  • Resist planning

I really enjoyed digging through photo boxes and digital archives to find old photos to post and share with you all. It's so cool to learn about my past, my family, and how I got to be who I am today. I found so many cool photos and learned a lot more than I thought I would, so I am going to continue on sharing photos until I run out of good ones! :) 

I actually made my first sandwich wrap on the sewing machine and it didn't turn out too bad! Pictures to come!

I listened to music in the morning, day, and night and learned how to rock out to heavy metal with our friend Josh while he stayed with us last weekend. Let's just say my neck and shoulders were super sore the next day!! 

I am so pleased with my level of patience. Our bathroom is still gutted and the new bathtub is still in the living room. But,  I don't care one single bit! Steve has been working hard on installing the new shower valve, and turns out we got a defective valve, so now he has to start over. This lack of progress is not bothering me at all. 

I love my goal to be easily impressed, entertained, and interested. I think it's a good thing to think about in conversation and I will admit I sorta forgot about this one. To all of you who I talked to over the past month, I hope you felt I was interested in what you have to say! If not, I am working on it!!!

By 'resist planning' I really meant resist trying to plan out every day, every free moment, every weekend. Instead, soak in the free time, the quiet moments, and be spontaneous! I am still working on this one too, but I think I did a good job of going with the flow and taking a minute to relax after such a busy few months!

It's already May, so stay tuned for my May goals!

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