Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime is Lovetime

  • My garage smells like my Grandpa Russ' shop. Sweet nostalgia.
  • Kara visited and we took a lovely Saturday bike ride to Avila Beach for brunch.
  • Three of my all time favorite people met me in Santa Barbara for a girls weekend. (And I am 90% sure I am allergic to Reisling.)
  • Still obsessed with Fleet Foxes. Check out this live performance on Letterman:

  • My mom got an iPhone and we did FaceTime yesterday. Oh, I love you techmology.
  • Conversation with Steve on the way home from work today:
             Me: I like this song! Who is it?
             Steve: I am always surprised when people don't recognize Led Zeppelin.
             Me: So, it's Led Zeppelin?
             Steve: Yep!
             Me: Is he still alive?
             Steve: Is who still alive?
             Me: Led Zeppelin! 
             Today I learned that Led Zeppelin is a band, not a person! :)
  • It rained!! Finally!
  • We ordered a new bath tub. A deep soaker! Yippee! Bathroom remodel phase II: Tub demo!


  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    oh my! guess you didnt get enough rock history in school...oops, i forgot you used to ditch history:) robert plant, jimmy page, jon bonham, i forget the other guy, great stuff, good times!

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Loved our weekend! Post pics of your grown-up couch!!


  3. I will! It won't arrive for another 4-5 weeks :(


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