Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you ever visit San Francisco, I highly recommend staying at the lovely Joie de vivre property, Hotel Carlton. It is quaint by all accounts. The front desk clerk is hilarious, the decor is eclectically gorgeous, the restaurant Saha is aboslutely divine (crab stuffed artichoke hearts!) and the best part - the happy hour every evening with free wine and live music. The wine social is hands down the reason we stay here. One of the front desk employees sets up his keyboard, throws on some shades, and jams on that keyboard like it is his reason for waking up in the morning. After each applause he looks up with a giant grin and that's when you sink a little bit further into the cozy couch next to the crackling fire, glass of wine in hand, loved ones nearby, and you realize that you are HAPPY.


  1. This recommendation came at the exact perfect time - we're going to SF this weekend and we were debating what to do about where to stay. I read this, looked it up, and it's 2 blocks from the event we're going to, so I made the reservation. Thanks! - Skye

  2. YAY! I am happy to hear it! You will love it.


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