Sunday, January 15, 2012

January - Vitality!

I've now posted my Happiness page linked above! Each month, I will let you know how it's going. Since it is already mid-January, here's my first update:
  • Gym: on target!
  • Floss: behind schedule!
  • Water: oopsy, it's probably been 1 glass every other day
  • Sleep: check!
  • Organize: cleaned out my closet yesterday and have a giant trash bag for goodwill (STILL throwing out clothes from 10 years ago), a giant trash bag for the garbage (LOTS of holey socks), and a stack of old shoeboxes (why do I keep those?!). 
  • 1 Minute Rule: Everyday when we get home, I make it a point to tidy up. Shoes go to closet, mail goes to office, lunch bags get put away, gym clothes go in hamper. 
  • Tackle a nagging task: still nagging
  • Act more energetic: Need to work more on this one. I think being cold makes me feel less energetic and I just want to curl up and snuggle. (Personal commandment: Identify the problem!) So, now I've been wearing my new fingerless gloves to work so I can get things done while staying warm. Also, COFFEE! We didn't have coffee yesterday morning and I felt lethargic all day. I realized it was probably because I didn't have the coffee that I am used to! I only drink a cup a day, but it makes a difference in my energy level!

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