Monday, June 27, 2011


I believe that every person was born with someone else who was made just for them. If you find the one person in this world who you are meant to be with, now that is lucky. It is the single most important thing in life to find that one soul who is the best match for you. Once you have that, IF you can ever find it, you have everything!

That is what Steve told me last night and it melted my heart. And then he told me that before he met me, he'd always wonder where I was. He knew I was out there, but often thought about what I was doing - was I watching tv? Was I sitting inside a quiet apartment complex as he drove past on the freeway? Was I across the world? Nope, I was right here in SLO waiting for him. And probably watching tv :)

Do you believe there is ONE person out there for everyone? I do and I am so glad I found him. We are lucky.

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