Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Quail of a Mother's Day

While Steve was whipping weeds today, a mama Quail fled from some tall grass, afraid of the noise of the weed whipper. She left behind these 19 eggs and Steve was so worried that she wouldn't come back to protect them. So he stopped working for the day and a couple of hours later she came back to her nest to guard her precious babies. A mother's love is as evident in human life as it is in the life of birds as we've seen over the past few weeks with the owls and now these quails. We are so relieved that the mama quail has returned to care for her unborn birdies so that we can soon watch the little family frolic around our yard. Dwight Ranch is full of life this spring and it makes me think about the sweet little things that make life so good. 

Happy Mother's day to this mama Quail, and an even happier Mother's Day to my own mom who continues to care for her babies, time and time again. I can always count on her to lift me up and make me smile. And, I always know she'll be there when I need her most. Thank you for being wonderful, Mom!

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