Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Favorites - Pottery Barn Blanket

I don't know why I haven't featured this blanket here sooner because really, my favorite materialistic thing in the entire universe is my Pottery Barn faux sheepskin blanket!!! I cuddle with this thing like its my job and I catch myself fondling and petting the luxuriously soft fabric any time I walk by it. Sometimes I even go into the living room just to cop a feel. I'm serious. Oh and remember when I ranted about how I am an OCD clean freak? Well, in that post I mentioned this blanket and let me tell you that I am sooo past that. I'll definitely let anyone cuddle with my blanket because yes, I do want to share the wonder and joy!!!!! I can't remember life before this blanket. It makes me warm, happy, and cozy and those are three things at the top of my This-Is-Why-Life-Is-Worth-Living List!

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