Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Favorites: My Billy

Since Friday is my favorite day of the week, I thought I would start a new feature of this blog called, Friday Favorites! I will be sharing some of my favorite things like my favorite place to shop online or my new favorite music.

Today, I start with my favorite person: BILLY!

Five reasons why I love my sweet husband:
  1. He writes letters. Instead of sending a generic thank-you card for our wedding gifts (like I did!), he gave each of his family and friends a personalized letter.
  2. He talks on the phone to my grandma, and she is smitten with him.
  3. He makes me laugh uncontrollably when he kisses my neck because his beard is scratchy and it tickles me.
  4. He loves wearing his wedding ring and always keeps it in a safe place when he has to take it off.
  5. He always thanks me for making him dinner, even if it is just a boring can of soup.

Who's your favorite person and why?

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