Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blue Jean Baby

My friend Joanna recently moved to Santa Monica so I spent last weekend romping around her new home! I brought my cruiser and we rode from the Santa Monica pier to Venice Beach. The bike path along the beach is awesome. There were so many people enjoying the sunny day, walking, running, bike riding, and rollerblading. I was so happy to be perched on my lovely little bike again, letting my hair blow in the breeze, and breathing in the salty air. We had lunch at Cabo Cantina and then toured around Venice Beach. If you've never been to Venice Beach, I suggest you go! It is one of the most interesting places I've ever been to. There are street performers, tattoo and piercing parlors, cheap sunglass stands every few yards, musicians, freaks, crafts, botox at the beach, and marijuana dispensaries. The best word to describe Venice Beach is CRAZY

We went to a rooftop bar called Shangri-La. It had a fire pit, cushy chairs, yummy martinis, and  spectacular views. It was the perfect weekend to visit Santa Monica because they were putting on a huge night-time art show called, Glow. The beach was covered with people and there were art installations spread out over the beach, pier, sidewalks, and streets. We watched acrobats dressed in glow-in-the-dark outfits, and karaoke by "moonlight". The ferris wheel was covered in pretty lights, the exercise rings were lined with green glow tape, and huge globes marked each art exhibit like beacons guiding our way. We finished off the night with a burger and fish and chips on the pier. YUM! 

I was able to go to Joanna's new workplace - Equinox gym. This is a gym where CELEBRITIES go. It was the fanciest gym I had ever been to. The elliptical had a built in tv, the machines were smooth and easy to use, but the best part about the gym was the locker room! They had Kiehls products in the showers, towels, razor blades, hair dryers, gorgeous tile and state-of-the-art shower heads. I loved every second getting ready in that locker room after my workout. 

Joanna is very lucky to live in such a fun place. And I am lucky that I have a cool place to visit when I need a weekend away. I look forward to more bike rides, shopping, and people watching. Cheers Joanna! Thank you for a very memorable and exciting weekend!

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