Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sash Me

My new best friend is the UPS delivery man because he brings me lots of J. Crew goodies! (If only he were paying for them!) Yesterday, I squealed with glee as I saw the oh-so-pretty J. Crew box perched on the porch and inside there were two cotton blouses that I just couldn't live without, a pair of giant black pants that I am going to return immediately, and the loveliest slice of heaven that I call The Perfect Wedding Dress Sash. Actually, I am anxiously waiting to try it with my dress when my maids are here to give me their thoughtful opinions. ;) But either way, it's the sweetest little sash I ever laid eyes on and I just want to squeeze it and pet it and try it on with EVERY outfit.

I love you, Jenna's Picks and Free Shipping! Oh, did I mention 20% Off Fall Sweaters? And where have these adorable WELLIES!!!! been all my life?! J. Crew is going to be the end of me.


  1. DUDE. Yes, J Crew is awesome. I'm dying to know what tops you got! I had to cut myself off cold-turkey (besides the bridesmaid dress!) this summer!

  2. I just got some simple cotton long sleeved knits to layer for the winter :) One with the silky lined round neck and one with a ruffly v-neck :) Soft, warm, cozy, and quaint - all in one!! :)


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