Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I didn't feel as festive this year as I usually do during the holiday season. Maybe it was the 90 degree weather leading up to December, or maybe it was because I had to work on Christmas Eve. Regardless, I managed to put up my mini Christmas tree and decorate the house a bit.

We arrived in Bozeman on Christmas morning and my mom made us breakfast as soon as we walked in the door. After our tummies were filled, we opened presents, and napped, watched movies, and relaxed. My mom made a beautiful pork roast for Christmas dinner and I ate like it was my first meal in weeks.

My little brother got a Glock from Santa. Yes, a REAL Glock gun. He is so gangster. I wanted nothing to do with that gun, but Steve had something else in mind. :)

I didn't even know Steve was into guns, but ever since we got back from Montana that's all he can talk about. He's been reading gun magazines, internet articles, and has been practicing his shot at the local shooting range. Boys will be boys!

We only spent a few days in Montana, but every moment was so lovely. We ran errands downtown Bozeman in the 20 degree weather and I was stupid enough to forget my scarf, hat, and gloves. Luckily, every store you walk into has the heater blasting to about 80 degrees. My mom and I had a warm drink at the local wine bar and I had the BEST spiked coffee ever. It was regular coffee with a cute little creampot of white chocolate liquor. SO GOOD. The rest of the trip was spent playing RockBand with the family and eating - LOTS of eating :) We went to The Mint so Steve could try some Buffalo tenderloin. He absolutely loved it, which was surprising to me, because that was the first time I'd ever seen him eat steak of any kind.

I was so sad to leave, but glad we had such a nice time in icey Montana. We got home Sunday and had the whole entire week off of work to rejuvenate and enjoy the last days of 2008.

Thanks for everything Mom! We love you!

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  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    your welcome! it was fun having you two here. i think the boys definitly bonded with the "gun" thing. send pics when you get a chance.


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