Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Steve and I spent Christmas Eve in Las Vegas. I surprised Steve with a bottle of champagne waiting in our room when we arrived. After we finished the bottle, we took a shuttle to the MGM and wandered around. This was the first time Steve had been inside the MGM so I took him straight to the LION exhibit. Here is what we did at the exhibit:

Steve really wanted a cigar to enjoy while sipping on his Bud and meandering around the casinos and of course there was an entire cigar shop right in front of us. Only in Vegas. We walked around New York New York and the Excaliber, and ate dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. After a few dollars wasted in the slots, and several $7 beers, we called it a night and took a taxi back to the good ol' Doubletree to get some sleep for our early flight to Bozeman on Christmas morning.

We decided that we need to go back to Vegas for a whole weekend. It's only about $60 round trip from Santa Maria and less than an hour flight. Why didn't we think of this before?!

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  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    i was just saying today how i wanna go to vegas soon!


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