Friday, January 09, 2009

2008 in Photos

Overall, 2008 was pretty great. I did a lot of travelling for work, and spent some quality time with good friends and my loving family. I moved in with my wonderful boyfriend after painting every wall in our condo, and we've been having a fun time getting used to being around each other ALL the time. EVERY day. Sounds great huh? But, really, it's a ton of fun and we're learning more about each other and growing closer. There are times when we argue all night about how many blankets really need to be on the couch at all times (I say three, he says none), or when he can't find his keys, wallet, or phone, because I put them back where they belong (in the catch-all box on the shelf!!) Honestly, the hardest part has been learning each other's needs. After work, I like to yap my jaws and talk about the day, and Steve likes to relax quietly. It's like that one episode of Sex and the City where Aidan moves in with Carrie and when she comes home from work, he goes, "where ya been? who'd ya see? what'd ya do?" Carrie tells Aidan that she needs him to not talk to her for one whole hour. He agrees, but after a minute she returns to him, realizing that sometimes when you get your needs met, you don't need them anymore. Ahh, I love that ep.

Anyway, I'm rambling. 2008 is over, but I am looking forward to new experiences and travels in 2009. I decided to put together a little slideshow of photos from 2008 to summarize the past year. I hope you enjoy it! The background music is "Movie Script Ending" by Death Cab for Cutie. Here's to a meaningful and eye-opening 2009!

A list of 2008 travels:
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Madison, Wisconsin (three times!)
  • Catalina Island
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Gardnerville, Nevada
  • Bozeman, Montana (twice!)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Stranded in Denver, Colorado
  • Monterey
  • Big Sur
  • San Francisco
  • Long Beach
  • Mission Viejo


  1. You forgot Hawaii!

  2. Hmmm, looks like you need to increase your travel abroad. I think the best place to start is England. I hear that place is pretty awesome:D

  3. I didn't go to Hawaii this year! :( I was there for that class in August 2007 and that was the last time.

    and Jess, I would LOVE to go to England. It's definitely on the list!


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