Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Wednesday is trash day, so every Tuesday night I put out the trash and recycle bins. I share these bins with the adjacent house (5 college guys). If I don't put the bins at the curb every Tuesday night, it won't get done at all, and the bins fill up very quickly so I can't stress enough how absolutely necessary it is to put them out every week!

Last night I ran outside in my pjs at 10:00 to put out the bins (giving them a chance to do it themselves, but of course they didn't). Anyway, the trash collectors come at 11am, and the recycle company comes at about 12:30pm. I got home on my lunch break today at 12:15. Both of our bins were nowhere to be seen. I figured they had already been emptied and one of the guys was nice enough to put them back into the garage. 15 minutes later, the recycle truck came!!!!! I went down to look in the garage to see if our bins had been emptied, and they were BOTH FULL! WTF!!?!?!?

Why would anyone in their right mind put the garbage bins back into the garage BEFORE the garbage collectors came? I am sooo annoyed!!! Why are people so stupid???

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