Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I tried seared Ahi Tuna for the first time tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised! I've always wanted to try it since everyone I know absolutely loves it. I signed up for a cooking class where a chef from a local restaurant demonstrated how to prepare a seared Ahi appetizer, sliced over guacamole, lettuce, and a blue tortilla chip. OH. MY. GOD. Here's what it tasted like: buttery, extra lean, filet mignon! Yes, ahi tuna tastes like filet mignon. And boy o boy do I looove filet mignon. So, please edit your note-to-self to read, 'feed Jaime filet mignon OR seared Ahi right before she dies.' Ok? Thanks.


  1. Lauren Fisch3:07 AM

    Don't do it! Tuna has tons and tons of mercury in it. Mercury is so bad for you. It can cause brain and nervous system damage. Bad!!! Stick with the filet!

  2. Trust me, with the price of Ahi, I don't think I'll be eating it very often. Probably a couple times a year....don't worry!


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