Sunday, November 04, 2007


Hello from downtown Los Angeles! I will be working here for the week, learning all there is to know about hazardous waste. Yum! Today, I realized that everytime I drive through LA, Tupac's "California Love" is always playing on the radio. I think the LA radio stations have some sort of pact, requiring 24/7 broadcasting of this ridiculous song. Why are they torturing us?! My two guesses are: 1) to warn tourists about the rough streets of LA, or 2) to let everyone know that only California knows how to party. You choose.

Anyway, this is the first time I have been alone in a hotel and it's quite eerie! But before I go into that, let me just say how proud I am for making it here without getting lost! I almost missed an exit, but resourcefully crossed a few of those horizontal do-not-attempt-to-change-lanes-you're-out-of-time! lines. So, I made it to my hotel right before dusk, had the bellman bring my 50 pound cooler to my room, and made my way a few blocks to Ralphs. But, this was the eerie part...imagine...little me...walking three blocks down an unfamiliar city street all by myself, just before dark, where the sidewalks are filled with crazy Laker fans, homeless people, and ticket scalpers...I was a bit nervous. I walked so fast, acted like I owned the place, made a few phone calls, and finally I was home! Oh, Ralphs how I love thee. This grocery store was pretty much the nicest one I have ever been in. It was inviting, warm, friendly, everyone had a smile on their face! Ralphs was a safe haven from the danger looming just beyond the doors! There was a fancy salad bar, soup bar, olive bar, cheese bar, deli, hot food counter, sitting area, I could go on and on, but now you have proof of how crazy in love I am with grocery shopping. I could have spent at least an hour in there, but it was getting really dark outside. So, I grabbed a few things as quickly as possible and ran out. Ralph, don't you fret, I WILL be back! Now, here I am, half relaxing in a nice hotel room with free internet and quality television, and half freaking out because, I am LONELY! It's strange being by myself in this place, miles and miles away from those I love! It's going to be a looong week. Just so you all know, I am not THAT scared or anything. In fact, I am giving myself a pat on the back as you read this, because god damnit I am brave! If I can spend a week alone in downtown LA, I can do anything, right?! RIGHT!

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