Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ten things I love about Autumn:
1. red trees
2. cool, crisp air
3. Thanksgiving vacation
4. snuggling in bed all weekend
5. peppermint mocha's
6. the sound the leaves make when you step on them
7. cute jackets
8. yummy comfort food
9. Halloreunion
10. holiday shopping

Ten reasons why I love Stephen:1. he tells me I'm pretty
2. he holds me close all night long
3. he is understanding and patient
4. he watches The Bachelor with me
5. he has soft, warm skin
6. he washes my dishes after I cook for him
7. he takes me out for drinks
8. he holds my hand
9. he buys me corn
10. he appreciates me

Ten of my favorite places to be:1. my cottage
2. the open road
3. a big city
4. asleep
5. Ralph's
6. Vienni vai
7. with my family
8. Long Beach with Helya
9. at an animal party
10. lounging in the sunshine

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