Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Favorites - Garden Jewel

My dad built this potting bench for Steve and I for Christmas last year. He used different wood scraps to construct the bench and added some lovely details from old picture frames and decorations that he found along the way. My favorite part is the moss that still hangs on to the front panel, and the bit of blue paint leftover from its old life. This rustic bench is not only functional, but it is a piece of art for my patio. I am just counting down the days until Spring when I can start using this bench to pot flowers and liven up the patio once again. 

This garden jewel is famous, too! My dad's neighbor entered a garden contest in their town of Healdsburg. She asked my dad if she could use this potting bench in her garden for the contest, to add some texture and make her space unique. And with this little gem, she won the contest! 

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  1. So glad you like it and I'm honored that it made it into your blog.


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