Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Because

My sweet husband surprised me with flowers today when I got home from work. This is the first time Steve has bought me flowers, and I am not saying that so that you feel sorry for me, or think badly of him. I am posting about it so that I never ever forget how it felt when I saw this miracle on the kitchen counter. Today is a special day! No reason. No "holiday". Flowers just because he loves me. Today we are really celebrating love. And I love that!

I think the best part about getting these flowers is imagining the process. Bashful, sweet Steve wandering around the flower section, choosing a flower, then a color, paying for them,  searching for a vase, trimming the stems, arranging them, and putting them on display. All for me. Crazy. It is such a small, wonderful thing, but so huge at the same time.

And as I smelled every single rose my eyes welled up and my cheeks hurt from smiling so big and I couldn't explain in words how happy such a simple gesture made me. Thank you, my LOVE!!!!!

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