Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy Ending

What was supposed to be a girls spa weekend turned into something entirely different.  My friend Joanna suggested we try a Korean spa treatment at one of the local spots in LA. Not knowing anything about Korean spas, I gladly accepted her invitation and looked forward to a nice, relaxing weekend away with my best girls. Let's just say that Korea and I don't see eye to eye on relaxing spa weekends.

Helya: Read the Yelp reviews on Wilshire. Apparently no clothes are allowed. Should be interesting!

Joanna: They have robes I think but yea it'll be an experience. It is like an old fashioned Korean spa.

Jaime: Nakey!!!?

Helya: Yea, I am getting anxiety!

Jaime: Haha me too!

Joanna: They give you robes!

Helya: And all your treatments are done in front of people with you being butt naked! But if you guys are down, I'll be fine. :)

Shannon: Reviews said someone was told they had to be naked or leave....and they left..haha!

Joanna: It was just an idea...

Jaime: It could be an adventure!

Tylia: I am a little shy about getting nake too! Is this the start of nudist getaway weekends?? 

Helya: We can just get drunk before we go. 

Joanna: How about champagne brunch first?

Helya: Oh boy, giving me champagne would definitely do it.

Joanna: I don't think any of us are used to hanging out naked.

Helya: Let the champagne flow and the clothes fall off! That should do the trick!

Tylia: I might need a few glasses.

Jaime: I need a whole bottle.

Helya: Ditto.

Shannon: I need shots!!

And a week later after I still hadn't gotten around to reading the reviews. This really boosted my confidence:

Tylia: Yelp reviews of Wilshire scared me due to lack of cleanliness. Olympic reviews made it seem clean(er) than Wilshire.

So I read the reviews.

Jaime: Anxiety attack! They want to scrub my lady parts??? Alcohol is a definite must before the spa, but I will also need an ice cold bev afterwards to help me get over the shock of it all.

Joanna: I think it is better to go out afterwards. Usually alcohol and hot tubs aren't recommended together.

Jaime: I know for certain I cannot go to that spa without alcohol beforehand!

Helya: I'm gonna have to bail. Sorry ladies!

Everyone else: ME TOO! Phew!

So needless to say, we didn't go to the Korean Spa, but we did go to an asian massage place where they give you a full body massage for $25 (fully clothed!!!) It was an awesome way to end a 4? mile hike to the Hollywood sign! (We only got lost once!) So worth it!

And we finally all got our ice cold bevs at the Penthouse, a fancy hotel top bar in Santa Monica where we met some interesting characters, sipped on expensive Mules, and chit-chatted just like old times.

The weekend was a blast and many, many thanks to Joanna and Shane for hosting. And a special shout out to Shane for being our DD and the greatest puppy daddy! (And for telling me about Property Brothers - I am hooked!)

Anyway, after being around these lovely women who I call my best friends, I started thinking about who we are and what we like and how we are so different. And how that is exactly what makes us friends. Some of us like dogs while others are missing that gene. Some of us grew up enjoying and watching sports, and others just enjoy making fun of sports. ;) Some can hike to the Hollywood sign without losing a drop of sweat while others can barely get up the hill without cussing. Some of us don't eat dairy and others don't eat beef. Some of us are tall and some of us are short. Most of us like country music, while others prefer just to live in the country. We have our own shape, style, shoe preference, hair color, bad habits, fears, joys, and goals in life.  We can all choose what we do, but we can't choose what we like to do, and that's the beauty of it - we are all different. If we were all the same, what would we talk about? 

On the flip side, there are definitely things that have threaded us together over time. Certain things that led us to this place we call friendship. We all went to Cal Poly and studied science. We are all smart, hard-working, healthy, loving, beautiful, giving, silly, and nurturing women. And we all want the best for each other. I am so glad that Joanna finally got the puppy of her dreams. I can see the joy little Kona brings to her life. I am thankful that Shannon found such a good man to marry and I feel lucky to share in their wedding day this year. I am so proud of Tylia for finishing her Masters and constantly setting new and impressive goals for her career. I feel comfort in the fact that Helya has a husband who takes such good care of her and fills her heart with love every day. 

At the end of a Skype date with my best Italian friend, Franci, last weekend, she asked me, "Jaime, are you happy?" And I said "Yes, I am very happy." And she said, "Are you fine?" and I said "I am absolutely fine." And she said, "Ok. Good. I just want to make sure." That question really hit me and my friend taught me something right then...the questions "are you happy" and "are you fine" are such sincere, loving questions. So much more meaningful, more emotional than "how are you". Don't you agree? When is the last time someone asked you, "are you happy?"?

I am so happy. So happy that I didn't have to get nakey at a Korean spa in Los Angeles with four of my best girls. ;)

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