Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Heart of Life

Top Ten NYC moments:

10. Our final meal together at the quaint Italian restaurant, Da Marino, across the street from our hotel. We were treated like queens with celebratory lemon cello, tiramisu for the entire table, and amazing pasta. And Franci tried her very first meatball!

9. The moment I made it on the air of the Today Show for a split second, after waking up before dawn, waiting in line, staking our spot, holding onto my beloved birthday sign, and trying to stay warm and positive! Totally worth it!

8. Chinese food takeout on our first night...like real New Yorkers.

7. Speaking Italian with Franci. Burro cacao! Buona notte!

6. Our "fancy" NYC dinner at Pigalle, wherein I had the best Tilapia of my entire life and learned that basil mashed potatoes are the key to happiness.

5. A relaxing break towards the end of our jam packed last day at the Tribeca Tap House where we rested our feet and laughed together over ice cold bevs and popcorn.

4. Window shopping and touring the neighborhood (and Carrie's house!!) in Greenwich Village. Quiet, cute, lush. The New York I dreamt about.

3. Roaming around Times Square, blissfully overwhelmed by all of the lights, sounds, and colorful people. I can still feel the energy.

2. The limo ride to greet my guests at the airport was the perfect way to start a trip! Random pee stops, champagne runs, and bricks!! Looots of bricks!

1. The way my heart swelled while watching Once, the musical. It's truly special when music can go beyond the ears and seep into the soul.

My Heart Beats for NYC! from Jaime Dwight on Vimeo.
Celebrating my 30th Birthday in New York City.

Music: "When Your Mind's Made Up" and "Gold" from the Once soundtrack


  1. You brought our New York adventure back to life with an awesome blog...loved the pics, loved the people, loved the music, loved New York, and love YOU!!!!

  2. Thank you Jaime for doing such a great job of keeping the memory alive. It was wonderful being part of your celebration. I remember just a year ago this week, when you hosted a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. You have a talent for bringing people together to make great memories. You're a special person Jaime Dwight :-) thanks for letting me join the festivities.

  3. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Awesome Jamie. Glad you and the rest had a great time. I can relate to the Limo, the Theatre and Time Square! Don't think Lisa and I did Greenwich Village. Need to compare notes and best practices. Also relate to the Basil Maashed Potatoes, as I've been developing Pesto Mashed Potatoe recipes recently. The Bricks? Clue me in...



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