Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If they took all the trees and put em in a tree museum, I would definitely pay a dollar and a half to see them

Day two of Myrtle Beach was exactly what you think of when you think VACATION. We played my favorite beach game, smashball, drank ice cold beer, dodged some more waves, and reminisced with the cousins. We spent the majority of the day with our toes in the sand, searching for that perfect seashell and digging up sand crabs (who, by the way, scared the living daylights out of me when they decided to wriggle around my crotchal region when the tide came in and washed up over me while sitting peacefully in a beach chair). 

Wednesday night, Steve and I stayed up late for a walk on the beach after midnight. We wandered along the deserted shore, watching shooting stars, not taking for granted the warmth of the air at that hour. We frolicked along in our bare feet for over an hour, hand in hand, by the light of the moon. I told him of years past during our reunions where all of us young cousins would go off exploring together or drive into the town for a night out. We'd spend hours together playing marco polo in the pool, catapulting water balloons to unsuspecting passersby, and making up dance routines to entertain. Things are different now. We all have our own families, new babies, new marriages, new jobs. We get excited about fancy chef knives, fruit trees, the latest reality show, dollar beers, nice dinners, and private bathrooms for proper bowel movements. But, I like where life has taken us all now. My cousins are all so smart, cool, witty, and stylish. They are amazing parents. They lead creative and interesting lives. They take risks and move across the country. They fall in love. They are simply the best.

Sage and Dave planned an evening out at a minor league baseball game, which ended up being a fantastic night all together! There were 17 of us, with the perfect seats behind home plate. The Pelicans gave us a good show and my dad almost caught a foul ball! They sold tall can beers and frozen daiquiris and gave away free t-shirts by shooting them from a cannon in between innings (which my dad caught!!) One foul ball knocked the power out and we had to wait awhile for the field lights to come back on. And at the end of the game, after a big Pelican win, they put on the BEST firework show ever. I can't remember the last time I was at a baseball game, and those of you who know me are probably really surprised I am saying this, but it was a really, really fun time and I would definitely do it again! Blues Baseball anyone?? :)

Here is an iPhone shot of some lush, gorgeous trees standing humbly next to the parking lot at the game. I couldn't believe this "forest" was just sitting there in a parking lot. Those southern trees really dazzle me!

My man with his long lost man hair! He wanted to shave his head earlier this summer and I told him he should wait until after Josh's wedding. Well, guess what? It's a month and a half later and he still has a head full of luxurious, wild, sexy man hair! So, shh, don't remind him about shaving! (Although, I am focusing my happiness this month on marriage and a shaved head makes Steve oh so happy, so perhaps during my Week of Extreme Nice I will offer to give him a haircut) :)

Dave, Sage, Elspeth, and Zac

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