Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I took these photos of the garden about two weeks ago. Now the lettuce and snap peas are just about done but the tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons are just getting started! Pretty soon we will have so many cucumbers again we will have to start pickling again. That or lots of cucumber, mint mojitos! 

Romaine lettuce - my fave

Cucumbers and cantaloupe

The peaches are coming in nicely. Just like the color of a sunset. Hope we get to them before the birds do!
A new addition to the garden this year - snap peas!

Remember when these snap peas looked like this?

The radishes are ready! (Rad-i?)

Holy Popeye! I put the camera lens on the spinach leaf so you can see how big it is. So big, I squealed every time I went out to the garden. Almost mutant looking.

We had one tiny little strawberry about the size of a marble. But, Steve had to pick it because apparently the first year of growing strawberries, you are supposed to pick off any new fruits so that the plant's energy goes into making healthier plant leaves rather than fruit. Then, next year we will have a full crop! I cannot wait because even that little marble berry was like sweet sugary heaven!

 Yesterday I found two green Early Girl tomatoes! They are definitely living up to their name because last year we didn't get one tomato until October!!!

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