Monday, April 02, 2012

Looking Forward

April - Lighten Up
  • Be a treasure house of happy memories - gather pictures and mementos and put them into one organized place
  • Take time for hobbies
  • Listen to music in the morning
  • Be patient!
  • Be easily impressed, entertained, and interested
  • Resist planning

I have been looking forward to this month because it is about doing things that I love. During March, I was so busy, I hardly had time to do the little things that make me happy. The things that bring me peace. The things that make me ME.

I had less time to cook healthy dinners and resorted to quick meals like quesadillas and frozen pizzas. 

I finished The Happiness Project in December, and haven't picked up a book until this morning when I started Night Road by Kristin Hannah. I spent all morning reading away and realized I forgot how great it felt getting sucked into a good book. 

I haven't used my sewing machine since January and I have a couple of pairs of pants that need hemming and this month I am going to attempt a re-usable sandwich baggie. Wish me luck!

I also find a lot of peace trying out new recipes and baking yummy treats. So, today, I finally had a few hours to spare just to putt around in the kitchen. As usual, Pinterest sparked my creativity and my taste buds and I made home-made Snickers bars! The reward was more than just a sweet dessert, but a feeling of lightness. With my favorite Pandora station blasting, I floated away into a comfortable rhythm. Measuring, pouring, heating, stirring, and making a huge mess. A mess I didn't mind. 

And I thought to myself...I am back!

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